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import os
import urllib.request

from import add_manual

[docs] def add_ames(database, input_path): """ Function for adding the AMES-Cond and AMES-Dusty isochrone data to the database. Parameters ---------- database : h5py._hl.files.File Database. input_path : str Folder where the data is located. Returns ------- NoneType None """ if not os.path.exists(input_path): os.makedirs(input_path) url_list = [ "" "model.AMES-Cond-2000.M-0.0.MKO.Vega", "" "model.AMES-dusty.M-0.0.MKO.Vega", ] iso_tags = ["AMES-Cond", "AMES-Dusty"] iso_size = ["235 kB", "182 kB"] for i, url_item in enumerate(url_list): input_file = url_item.split("/")[-1] data_file = os.path.join(input_path, input_file) if not os.path.isfile(data_file): print( f"Downloading {iso_tags[i]} isochrones ({iso_size[i]})...", end="", flush=True, ) urllib.request.urlretrieve(url_item, data_file) print(" [DONE]") add_manual( database=database, tag=iso_tags[i].lower(), file_name=data_file, model_name="ames", )