species.data.companion_data package#


species.data.companion_data.companion_spectra module#

Module for getting spectra of directly imaged planets and brown dwarfs.

species.data.companion_data.companion_spectra.companion_spectra(input_path: str, comp_name: str, verbose: bool = True) Dict[str, Tuple[str, str | None, float]] | None[source]#

Function for extracting a dictionary with the spectra of directly imaged planets and brown dwarfs. These data can be added to the database with the add_companion() method of Database.

  • input_path (str) – Path of the data folder.

  • comp_name (str) – Companion name for which the spectra will be returned.

  • verbose (bool) – Print details on the companion data that are added to the database.


Dictionary with the spectra of comp_name. A None will be returned if there are not any spectra available. The dictionary includes the spectrum, (optional) covariances, spectral resolution, and filename.

Return type:

dict, None

Module contents#