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Module for isochrone data from evolutionary models.

from typing import Optional

import h5py

from import add_ames
from import add_atmo
from import add_baraffe2015
from import add_btsettl
from import add_linder2019
from import add_manual
from import add_marleau
from import add_nextgen
from import add_saumon2008
from import add_sonora

[docs] def add_isochrone_grid( data_folder: str, hdf5_file: h5py._hl.files.File, model_name: str, filename: Optional[str] = None, tag: Optional[str] = None, ) -> None: """ Function for adding an isochrone grid to the database. Parameters ---------- input_path : str Folder where the data is located. database : h5py._hl.files.File Database. model_name : str Evolutionary model ('ames', 'atmo', 'baraffe2015', 'bt-settl', 'linder2019', 'nextgen', 'saumon2008', 'sonora', or 'manual'). Isochrones will be automatically downloaded. Alternatively, isochrone data can be downloaded from or, and can be manually added by setting the ``filename`` and ``tag`` arguments, and setting ``model='manual'``. filename : str, None Filename with the isochrone data. Setting the argument is only required when ``model='manual'``. Otherwise, the argument can be set to ``None``. tag : str, None Database tag name where the isochrone that will be stored. Setting the argument is only required when ``model='manual'``. Otherwise, the argument can be set to ``None``. Returns ------- None NoneType """ if model_name == "ames": add_ames(hdf5_file, data_folder) elif model_name == "atmo": add_atmo(hdf5_file, data_folder) elif model_name == "baraffe2015": add_baraffe2015(hdf5_file, data_folder) elif model_name == "bt-settl": add_btsettl(hdf5_file, data_folder) elif model_name == "linder2019": add_linder2019(hdf5_file, data_folder) elif model_name == "manual": add_manual(hdf5_file, tag, filename) elif model_name == "marleau": add_marleau(hdf5_file, tag, filename) elif model_name == "nextgen": add_nextgen(hdf5_file, data_folder) elif model_name == "saumon2008": add_saumon2008(hdf5_file, data_folder) elif model_name == "sonora": add_sonora(hdf5_file, data_folder) else: raise ValueError( f"The evolutionary model_name '{model_name}' is " "not supported. Please choose another " "argument for 'model_name'. Have a look " "at the documentation of add_isochrones " "for details on the supported model_names." )